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The core of the Ginn Group mission is building compassion from the ground up. In our eyes that means, crafting quality homes that people can afford, nurturing communities, and creating spaces where individuals and families prosper. That’s why we are so excited to have launched, Allegro Pointe, the first project of its kind for the Ginn Group nonprofit organization, Ginn Gives, which aims to serve residents through a long-term affordable housing and reinvestment program.

 In 2020, Ginn Group donated a one-acre parcel of land for the construction of a 50-unit affordable housing community where all 50 units will be defined as Affordable Housing, providing a much-needed solution in West Vancouver.

Allegro Pointe is a 50-unit apartment complex that marks the entrance and exit to the International District of Fourth Plain Boulevard. The project will deliver affordable housing specifically for residents in Central Vancouver. This complex boldly carries an elevated design style, reflecting an overall sense of pride for the community. Most of the units will be urban 1-bedroom units for single occupancy, while 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom units have been provided to the extent feasible.

As Downtown Vancouver and the Waterfront are experiencing a season of growth and investment, one of the risks we, as developers, are mitigating is price increases for existing Vancouver residents. One of the core goals for Allegro Pointe is to invest in the communities that make Fourth Plain a rich, culturally vibrant neighborhood by providing housing that is accessible to those who need it most. For those earning up to 80% AMI, all 50 units will be an affordable housing option with rents calculated by the City of Vancouver.

Ginn Gives‘ primary mission is to support and uplift individuals and families through the provision of affordable housing. By establishing a long-term portfolio of affordable, income-generating assets we will serve our community and local nonprofit organizations that closely align with our goal of creating a prosperous community.

Allegro Pointe is located at 2929 NE 65th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98661. For more information on these new homes in Vancouver or throughout the SW Washington area, please visit Ginn Gives.


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