Our most important assets are honesty and integrity, they are essential to our success. We speak openly, we own our actions, we are mindful. We do what is right, not what is easy. We face challenges head on. We are innovative; steadfast in our pursuit to maintain our competitive edge. We strive to continuously improve. We do not fear change, we embrace change with eagerness and enthusiasm. We practice teamwork and collaboration to accomplish our goals. Individually we are smart, together we are brilliant. Our decisions reflect a deep sense of morality. We are never quick to criticize or place blame. We are kind and respectful. We take the time to understand and assist others. Together we look ahead by always learning from our past. We consciously think long-term. We are never surprised, we plan and design our future successes.


We have a strong reputation as a great place to work, with great people and career development.

Our benefit package is designed around our team member’s needs:

  • 100 % medical, dental, life and LTD for all employees.
  • 3% non-elective 401K contribution
  • Growth & development opportunities.
  • Generous vacation, holiday and sick policy.
  • Monthly happy hours
  • Monthly team building events
  • Career development

We believe that each team member is unique and so is our family.  That is why even your furry friends are considered family and are included in the PTO policies.


Ginn Group employees love that we are committed to our core values and continuously strive to execute them in our daily activities. Our purpose is to make an impact by creating community, not only physical communities, but a community that we can work together, have fun together, and enjoy life together.

The Ginn Group offers a clear vision and identity.  We know where we are going and how to get there.

We offer honest leadership that is committed to ensuring that our employees feel supported in each phase of their development.

We have a culture that creates a great working environment, greater efficiency & results and greater teamwork.

Our team is filled with fun, energetic individuals that are passionate about their work.

We foster an open leadership that solve problems and promotes job satisfaction.


It is great to be part of such a skilled team where everyone is willing to step-up and get things done. Everyone is great to work with at  Ginn Group.

- Jeff Wheeler

It has been an absolute pleasure working for Ginn Group. I feel I am part of a truly innovative company that values its employees and the community it serves.

- Jessica Feist

I love working at Ginn Group! Everyone I work with, from peers to supervisors, are great, interesting, fun people who I truly appreciate. It feels good to be a part of providing much-needed housing for the people in my community. I’m proud of what we do and of my part in it.

- Robin Pierce

Since joining Ginn Development, I’ve learned so many new things: colleagues have taught me even more about the industry and have shared their knowledge with me. I will always be thankful to the people who have believed in me and have given me this opportunity to grow, not only within the company but also as a person. At Ginn Development I have learned so much – I’ve laughed, I’ve faced challenges, and I’ve experienced moments that will stay with me throughout my career.  Here’s to continuing my career at this exceptional company.

- Lisa Harker Development Project Manager

Throughout my career I have worked in many different office settings and the Ginn Group, by far has been the best.  The owner, Patrick Ginn has put in a lot of time & effort to make the office culture priority & it shows.  Besides our great team, I have always had a passion for real estate & construction.  So, I really enjoy learning the industry and being a part of developing our local community.

- Alissa Lewis Accounting

The Ginn Group provides a supportive and team focused working environment. It is a place that allows for personal and professional growth. I am proud to call the Ginn Group my employer.   

- Michael Karas Legal

I receive the upmost amount of support while working at The Ginn Group. It’s a positive environment where I feel free to ask questions and can work as a team to accomplish the task at hand. 

- Katie Barrett Community Manager

I feel respected and a great value to the company.  The core values and belief system that GRG reflects are pivotal in making our office an incredible place to work.  I like that I have room to grow within the company.

- Kym Weldon Transaction Coordinator


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