Congratulations and welcome to the Ginn Group of Companies! What does it mean to be member of team Ginn?

Strive for Excellence

We always strive to BE KIND & RESPECTFUL.  Always treat your team members as you would hope they would treat you.  We are not quick to react or quick to criticize, and we do not place blame.  Instead, we take the time to understand.  We assist not when we have free time, but rather we make free time to assist.  Earn the kindness and respect of others by being the first to offer it.

Ginn team member’s actions and decisions reflect a deep sense of morality.  Your HONESTY and INTEGRITY are your most important assets.  These qualities are essential to your success.  Speak openly, own your actions and be mindful.  Do not be careless with your integrity, once lost it is almost never recovered.  Ginn team members endeavor do what is right in all situations and not what is easy.

The Ginn Group of companies and its members face challenges head on and find new and innovative ways to CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVE.  Each team member strives to identify changes to existing processes, procedures, technology, systems and ideology that will help the company remain a competitive market leader.

Ginn Group is a growing company in a very dynamic and fluid industry.  Each team member must EMBRACE CHANGE, not for the sake of change allow, but to maintain relevancy and a competitive edge.  That is one thing you can be assured of at the Ginn Group – constant change.  Rather than fearing change, we embrace it as an opportunity and accept the challenges of change with eagerness and enthusiasm.

To accomplish our current and future goals we work hard as a team.  In unity and trust there is strength and when there is TEAM WORK & COLLABERATION great things can be achieved.  Go out of your way to offer assistance or support when you see another team member in need.  Each Ginn team member is smart, but together the Ginn team is brilliant.

Finally, a Ginn team member looks backwards only for lessons learned and applies those lessons to plan for the future.  We are never surprised by what lies ahead of us because we planned for it.  We are always thinking LONG-TERM and we design each of our future successes.